JACKET REGULATED BY PLATED PATTERN sweaterknittingpatterns #knitcardiganpattern …

JACKET REGULATED BY PLATED PATTERN sweaterknittingpatterns #knitcardiganpattern #knittingstitches #coatpatterns #jacketpattern

Knit herringbone pattern – A simple knitting pattern with great results. In our blog we explain how to knit the herringbone pattern. Read here …

Ear Saver: Instructions for a button band for sewn face mask

Blanket – Nora Crochet – #crochet # Blanket #Nora

Knitting pattern * A very nice and simple knitting pattern – YouTube

Sleepy Baby Bear and Bunny Lovey by Alanna O Dea – knitting is as easy as …, #Alanna #Baby #bear #bunny #simple

This simple but very effective rib-laced pattern comes from only 4 rows, which is actually much too good to use "only" for cuffs …

If you are looking for an eye catcher for spring or summer, you should knit a drop stitch loop. Such a fluffy neck flatter is particularly interesting when a ribbon yarn with a color gradient is selected as the material. The pattern looks more difficult than it is, because first a round of right stitches and a round of left stitches are alternately knitted. The even ribbon stripes are created by dropping every 4th stitch in the last round. These are quite …


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